Roup New Venture Opportunity Assessment Project

What the paper should be base on:
Business Description: The basic idea of my product is to create a disappearing tattoo ink. Inked Options is currently working with their chemical engineers to create an ink that has a chemically matched counterbalance cream/lotion that allows the tattoo to disappear within a range of 2-5 years. Our disappearing ink looks and feel just like permanent tattoo ink. This allows our consumer to live with their tattoo on a daily basis without the permanent repercussions. This opens up a completely new channel within the tattoo industry and expands the consumer market.
Product Feasibility: When examining the feasibility of Inked Options we have reached out in an attempt to partner with DuPont Engineering.
Customers, Marketing and Distribution: Inked Options consumer market is 100% supplier based. What this means is that Inked Options main revenue channel comes from individual tattoo firms and artists who purchase our different product lines of ink. Inked Options

Writing instruction:
6. The Competition: Who are the competitors in your market and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
7. Operations Plan: What type of operations will you need to set up? What will be your supplier relationships?
8. Financial and Other Resource Requirements: Describe the resources you will need to start the business and keep it going long enough until it can pay for itself. If you are going to ask for financial investments then spell out the terms for potential investors (i.e. how are they going to get a return on their investment?).
9. Future Plans and Exit Strategy: Communicate what you expect the business to be in the future. In one year? In five years? What is the i??exit strategy?i?? Include financial projections (cash budget).
10. Partners and Management Team: Will you develop the business on your own or do you have partners or others youi??ll work with? What experience do you (and any partners) have that leads you to believe youi??ll be successful?