Roup Observation #2: Analyzing a Public Group

Paper Guidelines:
-5 page double spaced paper
-I put down 4 sources however you may use as many sources necessary to write the paper as long as it is AT LEAST 3
-I will provide documents attached to the assignment to help guide you with the paper
-Please no plagiarism WHAT SO EVER!

***The reason I chose your writer id number is because you wrote my last paper (which is very similar just analyzing a public group instead of a private) and it hopefully it will be easier to write this one since youve already wrote one for this class. I will include the last paper in the attached documents. The order #731687 just incase you want it

Paper Instructions:
-Group Observation 2: Analyzing a Public Meeting-
Group work is often completed in meetings. Attending meeting is usually a passive experience; however more highly functional task groups often become more efficient when the meeting is considered well planned and executed according to that plan. Therefore, recognizing the ways that participants act in meeting will serve you well in future work groups. Using the ethnography of communication, analyze a public meeting such as a Student Council Meeting, PTA Meeting, City Council or Borough Meeting, or a Town-hall Meeting. You may supplement you analysis with agendas and minutes.

Documents I Will Attach:
1. Assignment details (which will including a grading rubric on page 2 to give you an idea of what the teacher is looking for