Roup Observation Paper in human development

I need it verey sample words and without putting questions and feel free to answer all the questions on your own
the group member names are Jessica, Faris,stayce and other guy and finally me
Who participated the most? all my group members are, but the most participate are Jassica and Stayce

I have posted the questions in below.

Group Observation Paper # 1 (10 points) Students will write a 2-3 page paper describing their group interaction this semester. Describe how your group organized. Did you know your group members? How comfortable did you feel in this group? How much did you participate? Why or Why not? Who participated the most? How did you react to them? Who was the group leader? How did they become the leader? How well did the group members get along? How well did the group communicate? What did you enjoy about working together in this group? What was the biggest struggle working in this group? How do you think your group followed the guidelines for successful groups? Complete a Johari Window for yourself including information in each quadrant. In quadrant 4, include what you have learned so far this semester about yourself that was not previously known to you