Roup presentation outline for communication class

Ive finished with a 500 words outline for a group presentation. But I still need to expand the outline to 1,000 words. Ill upload the requirement, the theme of the outline later. And Ill also upload one of my previous work to help you better understanding the format.

Please find the outline and example in attachment. Thank you!

The outline is for a group presentation. There are 4 parts in the presentation: introduction, problem, solution, and summary. But we only need to cover the solution part The introduction and transaction for this part is not required, so we only need to care about the BODY part. . Ill attach a sample outline later, please follow the format of the sample outline.

At least 3 main points are needed, and each main point requires at least 2 supporting points. And each supporting points should cover 3-5 sub points. (As my understanding, main points are actually a single that sentence summarized from the relevant supporting point).

The content of the presentation is about raising 1500 dollars to solve the issue that people smoking in prohibited areas on campus at Purdue University. It is because there are not enough designated smoking area on campus. And the behavior will cause the damage to none-smoking passengers and also produce trash.

Three main points are already decided by our group.

1. Smoking will damage peoples health and bring environmental issue. To solve this problem, we need to make people be aware of the damage smoking will bring to themselves and others. Also we need to appeal the university authorities to deal with this issue by policies.

2. Talking about the methods and the reasons of the methods. The methods should include (but are not limited in) the following proposals: giving speeches and posting posters on campus about the negatives of public smoking, moving the designated smoking areas out of crowded areas, and provides more ashtray in the designated areas. Please make the reasons reasonable.

3. Explain the spending of the fund. And states the reasons why the university should give that money. The total of the fund is 1,500 dollars.

2 sources are required in this outline, cites should follow the APA format.