Roup Project, the name of the company United Student”

Group Project (Presentation & Report)
Each group will chose a new product or service to launch as an eCommerce
business. The group will develop an eCommerce business model that includes
the value proposition, business model, financial model, market model,
competitive analysis and a go live implementation plan. Ensure that the financial
and market model include revenues, costs, volumes and three year projection.

Project Idea
The project idea is that creating a website, which provide student services.
The services will be three components. First one is provide the used books and it will focus on the University of New Brunswickas courses because the target is the UNBSJ student. The second service is this website will be a link between the professionals who provide tutoring and the students in some courses. And the last service will be that the website as well will be a link with professionals to do more services such as translating, helping with researches with assignment and sort of that.