Roup Report : Consumer Psychology/Behaviour Research Project

will be attached a paper that describes what is required from us. in Step 5 it is described in detailed by the lecturer. for now we only need points 2 and 3 ( introduction and Litriture review) it is highlighted with yellow. I will attach some articles from Journals that can be used.
For the Second point (Literature review ) she wants us to use some theories and concepts and apply them. we can refer to Maslows heirarchy of needs and the Theory of Planned behavior also. there is an article im gonna post that talks about Theory of planned behavior.
Resources should only be Journals. I dont care how many resources as long as it is strong structured. Thank you.

Added on 03.12.2014 09:50
we can also talk about another theory which is FreudS psycholoanalysis as he talks about (ID-super egoego)
phenomenological theory as well. he says that from all MaslowS hierarchy of needs, everyone is actually wants to satisfy the ultimate need which is Self-actualization.
we can talk about life style which is defined as (Activities, interests, opinions)
This is a link to the Survey weVe asked people to answer.