Roup Research Paper No Interruptions Please Impact of a No Interruption Zone onMedication Safety in Intensive Care Units

This is a group research paper and my parts are to answer questions 3 & 4. I will post the questions here and I will attach them as well. And I will attach the research article that needs to be used to answer questions 3 & 4. Furthermore, please make sure all questions asked are answered and for sources I placed a total of 4, but you can use less if that is only what is needed at your discretion.

3. Description and critique the review of the literature Is the problem statement or research question supported by the literature reviewed? How thorough was the review (i.e. did they use articles that were within the last 5 years, or did they use articles that are a?classica? articles; did they use literature from other disciplines)? Does the literature review support the need for the study?

4. Description and critique research design and approach What methods were used to conduct the study? What was measured in the study? What were the characteristics of the sample used in the study? What were the dependent and independent variables if this was a experimental or quasi-experimental study? Was the method and variables measured appropriate to the research question/s asked? Are there ways that this study could have been improved?

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