Rover Clevelands Illegitimate Child Scanal

Research the impact it had on American life. Discuss it. Have we changed as a nation from this scandal? Are there similar scandals that have occurred? Consider the question in the first paragraph. Are we better off as a nation for surviving this? In light of the scandal you have chosen, what recommendations do you have for helping us to avoid these incidents (or tolerate them) to become a better nation? Avoid using Ior In my opinionwithin your paper until the conclusion. Refer to individuals by their last names, not their first names: Lincolnvs. Abe.Avoid plagiarism. Include an end note in each paragraph which identifies the source from which you are obtaining your information. Avoid using long quoted passages. Be sure to document your sources. Use at least three citations per page. Each paragraph must include a citation. Be sure to include a thesis statement and a conclusion paragraph.

Double space, size 12 font, Times New Roman.