Rowth and Development Assessment Project

Choose a person you know well and complete a development summary across the lifespan of this person. You can choose a person from any of the developmental stages. ( I would like you to use my cousin Chloe who is 8 years old, she is a typical 8 year old girl but maybe a little smarter) You can just make up her personality and put her into the proper stages of middle childhood. You must use a recent psychology book with citations from theorists!!!!


Determine Chloes individual current stage of development: physically, cognitively and socially and compare your findings to the development norms from textbooks and databases. Be sure that you utilize various theories and apply these to growth and development of your chosen person.

1. determine the individuals current stage of development according to the textbook information and selected theorists ( book: Human developement by mcgraw hill )

2. compare the individuals behavior, growth, and development to the textbook description and selected theorist

3. identify unmet or uncompleted tasks of the individuals current stage of development

4. design a plan to assist the individual to achieve the tasks of her stage of development

learning activities:

1. select an individual to be observed/interviewed

2. arrange an appropriate time and place for the observation/interview

3. review readings and relevent stages

4. observe individuals physical and psychosocial growth and development

5. discuss with the individuals parent about specific issues relevant to her stage of development ( include info you learned about the child from the parent in the paper)

6. prepare report to include the following:

include a brief overview of biographical data age: 8, sex: female, family structure: dad is pilot mom is stay at home mom she is the only child her and mother are very close, living arrangments: in a suburban neighborhood house, occupation: 3rd grade

theoretical description of individuals stage

observations of individuals physical and psychosocial growth and developement

compare findings to textbook and data base developmental norms

state which developmental tasks are met and unment; providing evidence based on comparison of observations to theoretical description

identify measures to assist or maintain the individuals efforts to accomplish age appropriate task.