Rowth of ethnic consumption patterns as apart of segmentation process; A new Paradigm?

Master dissertation proposal to include the following:

dissertation proposal

The dissertation proposal structure

1 Title

2 Introduction/Background

a Why is the study important
c what will others learn from the study
d present a background of the study to teh reader as to what my contributions will be i.e. the novelty of the study. HAS TO BE RALLY GOOD TO ENGAGE THE READER

3 Research qustions AIMS and OBJECTIVES of the study

a These have to be CLEAR & CONSICE

4 Literature review (40% of word count)

a This should include key approaches in this area,
b What are the strengths and weeknesses. What studies have been done in this area.
c Is there a gap in the literature.
d Use the major authors in this area present a summry of these studies and CRITIQUE THEM.

5 Research Methodology( 30 % of word count)

a what are the associated philosophical paradigms governing the research approach?
b Is it positivist, REalist, or does it adopt an Antipositivist stance
c What is the rationale governing the research approach in terms of method(s) of data collection? is it Qulaitative or Quantitative or a mix of the two
d Justify the methodological approach
e How has the theoretical model been developed-expand from the lit review
f How will i collect the dat? who will i interview/survey & why
g What is the role of the PILOT study
h Is the study reliable? what procedures have i followed that ensures the study can be replicated by another with consistent results
i How will i analyse the data
j How valid is the study

6 Anticipated findings (10% of word count)

a What do i anticipate i will find

7 Discussion and preliminary conclusions (10% of word count)

a Present a discussion based on lit review and what i anticipate to find
b How do i anticipate my findings to relate to the literature
c Present the novelty of my study
d Present some prleiminary conclusions

8 References

a Present all refernces with the harvard referencing system


My idea is based on the asian (brown skinned not chinease) such as indians, pakistanis, bangladeshis etc as the ethnic minority in britain

I have found that the ethnic minority population has increased in number since 10 years ago. I think this would be a credible market for companies to tap into to increase profitability. Maynot be so much of a minority population anymore, with respect to the proportion of individuals who have disposable income in teh age group 16-40, in comparison to the dominant population.

I apprecaite that this may not be the case for all companies, but certainly food and makeup industry for women

Ideally i would like to target men and women aged 16-40 ( I was thinking just women! what do you think) access to both kinds is not a problem. Not sure if that age gap is too broad, and wether i should narrow it down
I would also like to target companies who already adopt this method of targeting ethnic consumer in some shape or form, and look at how it is benifiting them if at all, and maybe draw some standard approaches that other companies can adopt (would like to approach Nandoes, quick save and aldi)

There is a neglect in marketing efforts towards ethnic communities

Need to addresse the importance of ethnic market-rapidly growing especially in middle class ethnic populations

There is a fear of approaching these markets from a marketing perspctivea fear of appearing racist or ofending, misunderstandin of ethnic population

want to look at methods that companies may adopt to targeting these firms
Want to create a new model that marketers from companies who may wish to target ethnic minorities, benifit from addressing them or mabe a new prospect for companies.
Need to loook at dominant populations consumer behaviour, i think so i have something to compare it with

A new segmentation model a new dikmension to the esisting notion of market segments being examined by meens of demographics, psuchographics and behavioral differencies…where ethnic consumption falls into all three catogriees. So maybe expanding this standard universal base with ethnic consumer behaviour aswell….hence making it a new paradigm.

NB: my original title was The need for segmentation to adopt ethnicity: a new paradigm?..I learned it is not a new paradigm. my existing title, is open to modification to make it a new paradigm…maybe my wording is wrong or it is not clear that it is a new paradigm, would appreciate some attention to the title.

Not sure what type of data i will collect, would like to use both quantatative and qualatative methods, like surveys, questionnaires, interviews, group discussions, and so on ( why i use them must be stated)

Even though much work is done on ethnic consumer buyer behaviour i need to look at there buying habits, what influences them such as culture, customs, what is this ethnicity, reliogion aswell as adresse acculturation. These ideas need to be looked at in the literature review

I no that religion is a key factor in many of these areas, especially within the asian population. these needs to be looked at. Many of the rleigios laws gude what behaviours are exceptable, such as dress, drink, make up, dating, types of jobs, etc. Which is closely linked with customs, and acculturation.

I need to addresse what influences ethnic minority consumer buyer behaviour (HOW WILL I DO THAT AND WHY WILL I DO IT A CERTAIN WAY)

I think this study will be more factual and have a particular set of conclusions that give marketers usefull information rather than vague findings which is what weave had in past literature. a definite direction if any for markerts to adop in there marketing practices for certain industries. and maybe propose a new segmentation model, with an added base to the existing three , of psycographics, behaviourial differences an demographics

This is my basic idea, need some expansion of ideas, some direction, and the writing of ot in a consie manner in the form of a proposal. Please look at these factors o have managed, modify them as necessary as i va;ue your expert opinion, please pcntact me with concerns and changes

please use own sources aswell… and more academic papers, such as identifying and reseearching an ethnic market: methodological issuesby Piers, stanton and Cheek, 2003
Andrew lindrige (author, of good papers)such as Religiosity and the construction of a cultural-consuptio identityandrew lindridge, 2005

Please follow the list given at the beginig, and include all the necessary bits in each section
Harvard method of referncing throughout