To whom it may concern,
I have been a costumer with your services for quite a long time now. I have ordered more than 20 papers.
This is my last semester before receiving my Bachelor diploma, and i have a dissertation to submit.
Even though, most of the quality of the papers ranged from 6.0-8.5 (out of 10), it was fine with me. Even though i would always expect much higher quality for the paper. However, couple of my proposals and practice disserations recieved a very poor mark. Even though, i specifically ask for a better quality.
My guess its that your writers dont expect such a harsh grading system. However, my university has very picky professors, most of whom have PhD in their respected fields. Since this is going to be an important (and expensive) order, i would like to ensure that a writer with good reputation could be picked for me. Two times i failed my propsal papers because quality was not good at all (4.45 and 5.4; with 5.5 passing). However, when i wrote it i could pass.
I like your services and appreciate what you have done for me so far. But i need a guarantee that a writer will take this assignment ressponsibly. Otherwise, i can not risk my diploma. Hope to hear from you soon
Best regards,