Rowth strategies to achieve competitive advantage: Case study of ABC power utility pursuing growth strategies.

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Adopting growth strategies is one of the biggest challenges for any business organization irrespective of its nature. This paper examines growth strategies and the study is located in the context of ABC electricity supply authority, a government owned power utility which is in a developing state of southern Africa. There are various strategic models that could be followed by the company in the process of adopting an appropriate growth strategy. The paper analyses possible models that could be followed for this company.
The project pays particular attention to the interaction of several academic frameworks and models that help explore direction for strategic growth. They are Ansoffas matrix, McKinseyas model, PESTLE, SWOT analysis and also Porteras Five Forces model.

Business growth is nothing but a double edged sword. If it is well managed and properly controlled, it would definitely provide remarkable rewards to the shareholders as well as to the leaders of the emerging organization. But when growth is uncontrolled and poorly planned it might result in financial misery and failure (Sherman, A. J. July 13 2006). Effective planning and management is crucial for sustaining the growth for a long time. Lack of effective planning and management would result in attack by the creditors, competitors, creative takeover specialists and hostile employees.

Central question that needs to be asked regarding this topic is what strategies ought to be followed in facilitating growth.
Apart from this central question there could be sub questions which are associated with business structure, availability of resources, time and market conditions: How do these factors affect choice of growth strategy options?
The central question focuses on the strategies that are required for growth. Without proper strategy no management can keep the organisation in the growth track. There has to be strategic fit between the strategy and the structure of the organisation, availability of resources, time and market conditions. As a result these would be the focus of the sub questions.
The above question is interesting because organisations often face challenges, as is the case with ABC, which requires effective growth strategy to sustain competitiveness. Selecting appropriate growth strategy raises several potential issues and an analysis of these issues would be valuable to firms in general, and ABC in particular. The study involves a combination of detailed literature search and surveys in form of semi-structured interviews and self completion questionnaires. Collected data is analysed in an effort to identify growth strategy appropriate for ABC in light of its situation

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