Rr is to human the value of simulation in pharmacy education

The literature review I want to do is on the project Title to err is human the values of simulation in pharmacy education.
The research I am doing is:
On the value of simulation I will have 2 focus groups (groups of 6) one academic group and one student group who will discuss the following:
This discussion will focus on the following areas:
a) Types of simulation models
” Understanding of  simulated  teaching
” Types of simulated models in the school
” SimMan  computerised patient simulator
b) Usefulness as instructional tools
” Learning experience
” Clinical and patient care skills
” Communication skills
” confidence
c) Benefits and limitations of simulated teaching
” Advantages
” Disadvantages
d) Preferences for the different types of simulation models
” Reasons for choice

Please build for me an argument that is coherent drawing on the evidence that supports and contradicts my opinion.
Please use up to date information, current journal articles and any textbooks that you may need I am attaching some articles I have seen and if you know of any please use them if they are relevant.
Please illustrate in the literature review why i am doing the study and how it relates to pervious research.
Provide in the literature review background knowledge which helps to set the scene for the reader.
Include in the literature review a critical review of earlier work which help to highlight major issues around my topic.
Identify any gap in my knowledge.
Only include information that relate to my study and show how it is relevant to my research project.
Source all information in Harvard style referencing
All reference in harvard style