Rrol John and his work of Moon on A Rainbow

Here is the instruction from my prof:

Your final paper for this class will be a research/ analysis paper in which you examine a play, playwright, movement, period, or event of some aspect of African theatre, drama, or performance that we have not covered in depth in class.

1. Select a topic. Anything on theatre of the African diaspora. It can be general or specific, but you will eventually need to move from general topic to specific thesis.

2. Research the historical, social, religious, cultural, and political context of the topic. Use at least five sources, no more than half of which are web-based, although at least one electronic source should be used.

3. Write a 15 20 page paper that has a thesis statement that is simple, interesting and provable within the given length. Use evidence from primary and secondary sources to explore your topic and prove your thesis. Reach a conclusion about your thesis and end your paper.

4. Avoid empty rhetoric