Rt analysis: Edouard Manet The Luncheon on the Grass”

This analysis we will have to write on exam, so its only 1 page long, but must include all key points (based on Lippard structure):
1. why this artwork is interesting and you think its important
2. Which theorists you could use to help you interpret the work( find John Berger in attachment)
3. formal and material aspects(how was the work made, processes and techniques, material, direct the viewer to particular parts?
4. content and meaning (what ideas, thoughts are conveyed by the work, role of the title, particular themes, issues)
5. context (place in history, particular historical context)
6. GOOD conclusion-very important!

You can find this artwork here:douard-manet-luncheon-on-the-grass

Dont worry about references page, this paper is not for submission, I will write this analysis on final exam, it doesnt need to be formal.