RT APPRECIATION From Realism Through the Postmodern Era (U5DB)

Deliverable Length: 150 words (not including references)

Research a contemporary artist from the Art 21 PBS website. See the Resource List for this unit, for access to that website. (Ill send this in an attachment.)

Make sure you include the following in your postings:

· Brief artist biography

· Discussion of the artists overall Themeor interests.

· Describe and evaluate ONE of the artist s works: title, material, size, year completed, subject matter, content, style.

· Discussion of the meaning of the work: What is the artist trying to say?

· Discussion of how the work of art reveals contemporary (current) concerns or interests.

· An image of the artwork you are describing. (Please do not forget the URL to the image.)

When researching the internet for addition resources, use reliable/credible sites. Begin with sites suggested in the Course Materials Reference List (in the attachmetn) for each unit. Retail sites and Wikipedia are NOT considered reliable resources. ALL WRITING MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE INFORMATION FROM THE WEBSITE.

You are required to comply with APA style format for internal citation and a reference list. In addition, include the URL for the art work you chose at the end of the paper. .

Instructor Comments: Through your research you will discover the intent of the art that you chose. Remember to put the piece into perspective for the reader. You can treat this as a newspaper article that both introduces the reader to the artist, and gives them an example of their work, with a discussion of the work that puts everything into focus. Im sure that you will be surprised to discover something you enjoy from this era! Be sure to create your essay considering many sources. Don t simply repeat the information on the web site, or from the text. Remember, I m interested in your ability to comprehend this era and information.