RT APPRECIATION From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age (U4IP)

Deliverable Length: 500 words (not including references)

Choose three works of art from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era that are from the same time period or style and that have a similar theme. The choices are to be from works covered in Units 4 (you have information for unit 4 U4) and 5 ( i will send this information with the unit 5 asssignments): the Baroque to the Post Modern.

This project is broken down into two parts. In this unit you will work on the first two bullet points, which are highlighted in bold (**) below. The final version will include all four bullet points and is due at the end of the Unit 5. (So this is part 1 of a 2-part assignment, I will send unit 5 part 2 soon.)

Your final paper will be a 1200-1500 word critical essay about the three works of art you have chosen. The goals of a critical essay are to evaluate and analyze the art works based on research, using the vocabulary and concepts you have learned. Your attitude should be detached. The Criticalaspect of the essay refers to this detached attitude, not whether you react positively or negatively to the works. Your essay must include the following points:

· ** > A description of the works including the style.

· ** > A summary of the artists personal philosophies of art (if they can be found in published sources), the prevailing trends and schools of thought in the art world at the time and in the place the artist was working. For instance, discuss what was taking place in the artists city, country, and/or church that may have provoked a reaction from the artist or the greater society. Include any information that might help the reader understand the artists point of view or why the artist made his or her choices in this work of art.

The following 2 bullets are to be answered later in part 2. Do not answer them now.

· An explanation of how the works fit into the context of the time period.

· Compare the three works in terms of form, content, and subject matter. Using the terminology and concepts that you have learned in the course, explain the similarities and differences in the styles of the works and the context in which they were made. Compare and contrast their aesthetic qualities and symbolic significance, as well as the artists points of view. Your personal point of view that you have developed throughout the paper will be summarized here. As with the preceding three sections, you will write in your own words, supported by research.

Note: You are required to comply with APA style format for internal citation and a reference list.

Submit the following with your rough draft:
*A cover page, a fully developed rough draft that addresses the first two bullet points, including an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body, conclusion, a list of references, and images of the 3 works of art you chose.

Instructor Comments: Choose works With a similar theme”; choose three works from the same artist, or three works with the same subject matter (St. Sebastian, for example), or by artists of the same general time period, or three works with a similar theme (such as tragedy). Its important that the three works you choose have something in common it will give you a starting point for your thesis, and thus your discussion. I will host a chat relating specifically to this assignment. Check the chat schedule for details!

If you have any questions relating to the wroks of art you wouldlike to choose, please write to me and I will ask my instructor about them. Thank you!