RT APPRECIATION From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance (U3GP)

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Discuss the following three works. Using the vocabulary you are learning from the text when evaluating art, compare and contrast the works including materials used, style, meaning, symbolism, and any other aesthetic issues concerning the art. Explain how the works of art fit into the context of the time period.

1. Virgin, from the Annuciation(1465) Andrea della Robbia (Italian)
2. Winter(1771) Etienne-Maurice Falconet (French)
3. Crouching Boy”(1530-1534) Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italian)

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The objective of this paper is to:
-Discuss principles of design and formal elements of art.
-Demonstrate an understanding of visual literacy.
-Discuss works of art in a manner that demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between art and history.

*All work must be in your own words, no copy/pasting. If you do use information from another source, please be sure to cite it using the APA format.
*Wikipedia cannot be used as a source.
*I will upload a file that might be useful to you.

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