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Your final term paper may be any topic of your choice as long as it falls within the time frame and subject matter of this course (that is, from prehistoric art to the art of approximately 1350), and you have my approval for your topic. You may submit your topic to me at any time but it is recommended that you do so by mid-term. You may write about specific cultures or time periods in art, specific works of art or artists, explore art or artists not covered in our text, concepts or images that run through several time periods (for example, Perspective in artThe development of landscape painting”). You may also explore issues related to art (such as the education of artists, international laws related to arts, etc.).
Your term paper should be a minimum of 1200 written words (approximately 4 to 6 pages), typed, double spaced (with 12 point font and standard margins) and must include references (cited within the text, as footnotes or endnotes, and a bibliography or works cited page). Your bibliography/works cited page includes all the sources you consulted in order to write this paper. No more than half of your sources may be web sites. See below regarding appropriate documentation of internet sources.
See the guidelines for chapter reports above. Your term paper will develop similarly, with the first part broadly introducing your topic, the second part providing detail and specifics, and the third or last part providing general conclusions, observations and/or opinions.
See the comment on plagiarism in the guidelines for chapter reports. This also means you do not copy a whole section or part from the encyclopedia, web site or other source and pass it off as your own. Any material you use from any source must be documented. If you paraphrase material from a source you must also give credit.
A BIBLIOGRAPHY/WORKS CITED PAGE IS REQUIRED AND MUST BE PRESENTED ON A SEPARATE PAGE; SEE BELOW ON HOW TO CREATE A BIBLIOGRAPHY/WORKS CITED PAGE. Your Bibliography /Works Cited Page MUST include a minimum of four (4) sources. TWO OF YOUR SOURCES MUST BE BOOKS; ONE OF YOUR SOURCES MUST BE A JOURNAL/MAGAZINE. The fourth source may be another book or journal, an internet site or other type of source. The web sites must be appropriately documented as scholarly (i.e., author, title, publisher if published, educational institution, museum, etc.).
NO “.COMSITES MAY BE USED since the accuracy of their information is often unverifiable. The textbook may not be used as a reference. All of your sources must be specific to your topic. NO ENCYCLOPEDIA SOURCE MAY BE USED AS A REFERENCE SINCE MOST ENCYCLOPEDIA, INCLUDING ENCARTA AND WIKIPEDIA, ARE PREPARED FOR HIGH SCHOOL OR MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL AND ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR COLLEGE LEVEL RESEARCH. Also see above requirements related to the mid-term paper.
Remember that we are studying ART HISTORY. While there are many interesting things about the civilizations, religions, politics, economics and social behavior in the time periods we study, your topic for this paper (and other papers in this course) must be related to the history of art.

For a book source, use this format:
Shaw, Bernard. Pygmalion. 1912. Bartleby Archive. 6 Mar. 1998

To site a scholarly project, use this format:
Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Project. Ed. Alan Liu.
Mar. 1998. U. of California Santa Barbara. 8 Mar. 1998

Note: Homepageis used as the title where no other title is given, assuming it is a personal homepage or the homepage of a museum, research institute, etc. Remember the key is to include author, title, source and date, followed by the URL enclosed in < >.
For additional information on documentation, bibliographies and style of writing, see the following:

Also see:

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