Rt, Body and Mind through the works of Marina Abramovic.


Art, Body and Mind through the works of Marina Abramovic.

Please write a 10 000 words essay on this topic. I have provided an abstract of this essay and the instructions. Please carefully follow the instructions and the abstract (proposal). It says everything you need to write about. Please use the bibliography provided and use MHRA referencing style. Please name paragraphs/chapters/sections.



Breadth and depth of research, and critical engagement with source material

Application of historical and theoretical understanding, including awareness of current research in the field

Critical evaluation of visual and textual material

Level of ambition, autonomy and originality

Methodological coherence and persuasiveness of argument

Effective employment of academic skills and rigorous attention to presentation

The essay should be written in an academic style, avoiding slang terms. Donat use the word a?Ia? excessively, and be careful to avoid simply giving opinions which arenat informed by strong evidence or justified by reference to other published sources. Avoid making unfounded generalizations or sweeping statements. Try and maintain balance in discussing your topic, and include different perspectives. Above all, try and show critical thinking rather than just describing or celebrating your subject.

The essay should be word-processed, double-spaced and in an easily readable typeface (eg. verdana 11 point). Pages should be numbered. Text should be presented on one side of each A4 sheet only. All sources in the text must be referenced, with a full bibliography.

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Contents page
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List of Figures
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Main body text
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Additional research material referred to in the text, eg. your own interview transcripts, and other unpublished material.

Please use quotations!! Quotations should not be merely used to stand in for something that you wanted to say anyway: they should be used to back up your argument. You need to justify their inclusion by building them into your discussion. Include primary sources! (journal articles, etc..). The essay should display an accurate grasp o the facts and also aim at discussion of the relevant critical issues and at analysis of these issues in the light of the subject. Formulate a clear argument to drive the discussion. Shape material to the argument. The essay SHOULD include relevant, focused research and you should be contrasting and comparing the subject in close visual analysis. Frame the discussion with a theoretical approach!
Do not write everything you know on the subject but shape your material to address the essay question. Frame issues and use your material to support or contradict these positions. The essay should contain theoretical or critical content analysing relevant issues for the essay subject.
Please footnote the work carefully; it should include specific page numbers, including some extended references to discuss your sources. All internet sources must be referenced too. Use the biography of the artist only if directly relevant for this work or put it in your footnotes! Please be sure to include images, references and a bibliography.
+++++++PLEASE USE MHRA referencing style!!+++++++
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PLEASE USE FOOTNOTES!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THE ABSTRACT OF THE ESSAY (PROPOSAL): Art, Body and Mind through the works of Marina Abramovic. The aims of the study: The general aim of my study is to explore the use of body by Marina Abramovic in her multiple performances. In this respect the particularities of the research include the way Abramovic uses her body as a tool. Her sacrifice for the sake of the art is in focus as well as understanding of the physical limits of body and the augmented and unlimited horizons of mind. I want to write about this subject and it appeals to me because her works are aimed at rallying thoughts over the use and implementation of the human body in art. To say more, it is about a new understanding of the performance art scoped in a new perspective of the human body. I find it really impressive that the work by Abramovic is an essentially staged vision of the artistas personal emotional and philosophical treatment of the body versus mind. She is able to shock the audience physically, but then it turns into her own explanation of conscious and unconscious states of human mind. It is quite interesting, as the artist could transform non-traditional way of the body personification. That is, she pays attention to how an ordinary viewer should treat her art. It is very important to her. Hence, it is a point for further discussion in my research. The study also requires a set of ideas on the reasons for Abramovicas performance. The question is about her childhood and motives that stimulated her to follow the idea of body limits. I am also going to look at the relationship between the body and the mind in discussion of Plato, Aristotle and later Descartes. Their ideas in part complemented Abramovicas conception of the art. It is especially relevant to the possession of mind and its meaning for a human being. The research, however, is more about the ways to perceive the mind through the refusal of body in its limitations. That is to say, it is vital to research the problem of whether one can get the horizons of mind through apparently masochistic attitudes to the body. Abramovicas conception leans toward this controversy. I am also going to look at the way Marina Abramovic trains her body. How she underwent a special training programs, vegetarian diet, meditations and her ability to refrain from everyday pleasures for the sake of a well-polished performance, such as the Artist Is Present, 2010. It is vital, as during performances she is likely to fall unconscious. There are plenty of different viewpoints and unfriendly comments on the genuinely masochistic performances by Marina Abramovic that are to be discussed in my essay. Not only this, but her taking body for granted is the focal point to scope out contradictions accordingly. Moreover, the research will touch upon the reflections of two basic feelings underlined by Abramovic, i.e. pain and dying. The artist neglects different tools and media to show such feelings off. Instead, she follows more straight-forward way while she uses her body to demonstrate pain, tears running down her face, cries, falling unconscious, as the prerequisites for dying. Such a complicated conception will be illustrated in more details so as to make a distinction of the moments where Abramovic is about to highlight the culmination of her performance. As Marina Abramovic is a very controversial artist, I will have to explore how her family and her country influenced her works. For example, her reaction to Communism which is well reflected in the earliest performances, such as Rhythm 5, 1974. I am going to look at the limits of body in terms of the limits of Marina Abramovicas communication with the closest people. It is a dialogue of the artist with her body. In such a discussion, Abramovic manipulates with her feelings and emotions so as to reach out the other side of perceptio