Rt Ceramic vessels based on the theme of urban landscape, modern modern architect and looking at artists works

About me : Im a Ceramicist
About my own practice work, In this final year everything i made I used the technique of slab built to produce my work. the ceramics i made are inspired by building and modern architect.
I create vessels inspired by modern architecture, with the positive and negative space between the building and sky. My aim is to reflect and give the feel of urban environment. the vessels are constructed in intriguing forms to represent the contemporary city using slab building technique. the yellow and orange are represents the modern buildings. the Shiny glaze is a reflection of the glass windows and the use of coloured slips emphasize the modern construction of the skyscrapers.
make sure you include all the references and bibliographic

Referencing Requirements:
please look at few artists research are : alison britton,gordon baldwin, ken eastman, and regina heinz if you can find other examples you also add on
look each artists and designers they own working methods techniques and process they used on their work and also compare them what is different between all of them