Rt History (Art history from 1945 to the present)

Select a work by a Gutai artist and compare and contrast with a work by an Abstract Expressionist artist on a
visual and socio-cultural level. How do these works relate to issues raised by Clement Greenberg in his essay,
 American-Type Painting,  Harold Rosenberg in  American Action Painters, Yoshihara in his statements in
Gutai Manifesto? How does each work operate visually? How are they constructed (materials, process, color,
volume, flatness, illusionism, transparencies, texture, dynamism, etc.)? How do they compare visually with each
other? What aesthetic issues reflected by their respective  movements do they point to on the level of the
visual, theoretical and socio-cultural?
Develop an interesting thesis evolving out of the above considerations.
The conclusion may be open-ended given the short length of the paper.
No additional research is required beyond the suggested articles mentioned.