Rt history compare and contrast essay , Nude woman (Venus of willendorf) and Lady of Auxerre

compare art work, Nude woman (Venus of willendorf) and Lady of Auxerre. this has to be compare and contrast essay that investigates how two images from different periods with different artistic styles and different cultural contexts illustrate a particular theme in art. Paper should include
1,introduction with a clear , controlling idea(thesis statement)
2,image identification(name of image,artist,and period of the work material,size)
3,Analysis of style(descriptive and analytical),function(purpouse,symbolism) and cultural context(how social,political and religious condition influence design)
4,comparative structure(discuss how the images are similar and discuss how the images are different)
6,list of sources cited
7, 3 of the sources has to come from art text book such as gardners ,Jansens schneider-Adams,professional websites such as museum and gallery sites or art history website
8, font Times new roman 12