Rt History Final Assignment A Survey of Western Art

This is the final assignment of my Art History class and is worth 50% of my overall grade the professor said to treat this as an exam which should not exceed 4 hours if we have familiarized ourselves and stayed caught up with the course material and textbook. The book you will need to complete the assignment is called Gardners Art Through the Ages (20th edition volume II). I have the study guide for the book if you need me to send some study questions and answers as reference. I need a writer who is very well informed with Art history, who either has the book or can get access to it, and who will complete the assignment on time. I will attach the actual assignment in a separate folder. If you have any questions or need clarification on anything please do not hesitate to ask. I do not need sources I just need the questions answered clearly and completely. Again, I do not need academic sources and references, as you are using your own knowledge and information from Gardeners Art Through the Ages to answer in your own words. Naturally, there are right or wrong answers but this is more of a final exam than writing assignment (essay) which requires you to refer to the book I mentioned for informaton and answer in your own words rather than through the references of other authors and external books/articles.
*If you need me to send you anything form the study guide please just let me now and Ill upload it
*The pictures attached are used to answer part C short answer comparison. As you may already see, you only have to choose one set of prints (images) to answer the question (they are labeled set 1 and set 2 choose whichever set is easier for you)