Rt History Grad School Application Essay Why study Art History

Please explain, in no more than 300 words, why you are applying for the program. Your statement should indicate why you are interested in your chose subject areas*, and whether you have already studied these at University level or have pursued your interests independently, for example, as a hobby.

It will also be helpful if you explain how you plan to use the Certificate, for example, as a stepping-stone to further study at Grad School level. Your statement should be word-processed.

A little background of me: I am a small business owner (graphic design). Ive always loved art history growing up and have visited many museums and exhibitions around the country to satisfy my hunger for the subject. Unfortunately upon time for undergrad admission I had to chose a more realistic (aka employer friendly) major to study due to financial obligations to my family. I chose graphic design but Ive never forgotten about art history. Ive pursued the subject independently via text books and online studies but the reality is having your own business doesnt allow too much free time (two deadlines got moved up I cant even write my own admission paper!); so nearly 8 years after graduation, I am finally at a good place where I can pursue my dream of studying art history officially.

I would love to further study art history but would also like to take what Ive learned and infuse it into my current design business and grow from it.