Rt History paper about two objects(one from Romanesque,one from Greek)

Go to MET..Write about Statue of Diadoumenos(your tying a fillet around his head) and Tomb Effigy of Jean dALLUYE(Romanesque)What are your first thoughts upon seeing actual objects as opposed to be digital images from class?What do you notice and how does that change your perception of the object?Explain how the Greek object influenced the roman object? What is similar and what does make the Roman object Roman and not Greek? How does these objects used and how does the design reflect the use? Now look to the right or left of the object.The museum has chosen to put these objects relate to each other? The Greek object will mostly like to have another Greek object next to it,as will the Roman object. Does the placement of these objects widen your knowledge or change how you viewed the original object? Make sure you listed each objects as it identified on METs website .Include an image of all objects.Include footnotes and bibliography