Rt History stylistic analysis of The Holy Family, Agnola Bronzino (c1527/1528)

I am in need of a term paper written for a Art History course.
This is a college level paper that is specifically a Visual/stylistic analysis of a piece of art by the artist, Agnola Bronzino titled, The Holy Family c. 1527-1528 (currently on display in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.)
This is not a research paper on the artist or the piece of art, but more to explain ones interpretation of the piece of art work. The thesis must be stated within the first paragraph; explain the initial impact of the work and its lasting meaing.
Start w/a subjective statement and then analyze how the artis created this. This should be a careful, well thought out analysis of the works style.
Questions to consider in creating the paper:
How do the subject, style and composition convey the contet? How do the pictorial elements work together to convey a specific meaning of the work?
Discuss color, space, light, detail, contrast, scale, texture, form perspective, point of view, and size.
Is there linear or aerial perspective? Where is the horizon line? How does this affect the composition?
What is the point of view?
etc. etc.
5 pages, 12 point, double spaced. Please email me w/ questions.
Draft to be completed w/in 7 days.
Your primary language must be ENGLISH!!!!