Rt HistoryComparison of two Egyptian Beliefs

Must cite sources including bibliographical information. No online sources are allowed, only text.

Compare the both Art Works,

1. Portrait of Ni Ankhesut
Early 6th Dynasty (old Kingdom)
2323-2200 BC, Saqqara, Egypt

2. Funerary Stela of Iamu
First Intermediate Period
2134-2040, Dendera, Egypt

Both of these relefs are not about kings, but about high officials. Compare these two reliefs both to each other and to other Egyptian art work. some of the questions might be what stylistic similarities are there? what kind of structre wre these reliefs found and what do you think their purpose was? How do the depictions of the peoplevary from depictions of pharaohs? What kinds of iconography (symbolism) do these reliefs contain, and how does it relate to iconography in other Egyptian works?