Rt History.Early Christian Byzantine Art, Identify works of work from slide

Subject is Art History. Below is a list of Directions i need done!
This is an Art History Project on Early Christian Byzantine Art
I will give you 15 slides. These are all slides pertaining to Early Byzantine Christian Art photos. For each photo I need the following below: Titled Identify works of art. This doesn t need to be perfect, try to answer each picture in about 20 words each. Again, answer Each slide in about twenty to twenty fives words. It is manageable to answer six questions in a bout twenty words or so but they have to be accurate. Accurate, I mean the right title, date, place, etc. For every slide, I will give you a word count in BOLD PRINT that I need for each slide. It doesn t need to be 100 percent accurate on dates but just give an estimate, thanks Please get the right century. I will label each slide, slide 1, slide 2 etc. please DONT Insert the slide, for your answer just write slide 1, slide 2, etc. so I know which one you are referring too. The following below is a guideline you need to answer for EACH and EVERY slide. It can very brief, about 20 words per slide. For some slides, NOT ALL slides, I will ask you to answer additional questions pertaining to that slide as well. Again, I will you a total word count for each slide in bold print! The total word count I need for this assignment is about 1500 words ( the equivalent to about 6 pages)

Identify Works of Art
1. title

2. What is depicted (describe the image)

3. date (closest approximation)

4. place (if known)

5. who commissioned (if applicable) or who is associated with it

6. its function or relevance

7.Twenty words total for each picture or slide.

8. Additional, I will ask different questions for each slide and I will give you a word count for each one.

Additional Info: I will only ask you this, you don t need to do this for every slide! On some images, you ll see I ask  what is the iconography. In iconography I mean the following this case, please
a) identify to the best you can the figures represented, as you will do with each image

b) indicate what they are doing and why

d) provide suggestions as to why the person who commissioned the work asked the artist to illustrate that particular scene. What s the point he/she is trying to make? Is he/she trying to convey himself in a certain way, i.e. powerful, pious, or both? Align himself with a certain belief so as to ensure everlasting life? Twenty words or less. It doesn t have to be perfect!