Rt historysymbolism in 19th century art

This research paper is 5 page first draft of a 15 page research paper. The paper should talk about symbolism in art in the 19th century particularly psycological symbolism which the paper should focus on. The main artist to be discussed in the paper is Edgar Munch. You must start by comming up with a thesis question and an argument. The central thesis question should be clearly presented early in the papersintroduction and must be subsequently elaborated and addressed throughout the rest of the paper. Because you are restricted in the number of pages, it is advised that you come up with the narrowest possible thing(question/argument) and work out or build up from there. The paper should demonstrate intellectual ingagement with theoretical ideas such as how and why and what influenced the artist to behave or paint in a certain way, the different themes in his art, how he and his art are relevant to your thesis question (the thesis question can comprise around the artist if you want) what other movements was he influenced by or did he influence in the future, visual analysis as well as textual analysis is needed for the research paper. It will also be useful to find positions other people have taken on your topic and then develop your own position. Make sure you analyze visual and textual evidence and their relevance to your thesis question. Please use Chicago style footnotes. Sources must include at least one primary resource from the 19th century (has to be 19th century) and several scholastic resources. Museum websites are also a good place to find images etc and notes on artist works. Make sure your sources are reliable, relevant and ample in number to allow the further development of the draft. Do not restrict the draft so that you can not make further developments to it. It is part of a 15 page essay that I will later order from you to continue. In the paper you may compare another symbolist artist from the 19th century to Edgar munch or contrast them. Make sure the essay has an introduction, a conclusion and that body paragraphs are present. I can not stress enough how important to find a good thesis question that is good for further development of the research paper Thank you!