Rt Hopi Indians concentrating on the beliefs in the kachina.

You chose the Native American group, so I have picked one of my favorite subjects just for you. I would like for you to research the fascinating Hopi Indians of the American Southwest, concentrating on the beliefs in the kachina. You will find images of kachina dolls mostly, but they are representations of the spirits they venerate. The Hopi have a whole spiritual system that revolves around the kachina, so you should easily find images and information. Check out the brief description and picture on page 341 of our textbook to get started. Make sure your images are of authentic artifacts and not just made-for-tourists reproductions.

This is for you to research independently, and compose a five page report with pictures. I recommend Google as a great place to search for information. You can get your images from Google, too, but be sure to save them from their largest possible sizea you can reduce them later to fit in your report. You should have at least one picture thatas in good focus on each page. Captions for the pictures are optional, but please assemble the information near the pictures so it relates nicely. I recommend creating a folder on your desktop to drop tidbits of info into as you do your research. Then later, when you feel you have enough stuff, you can refine and compose your report.

I know you are going to see some great sites and .there is a lot of information out there for you. The hard part is whittling it down to a five-page gem of a finished report. Iam expecting a finished report, not a jumble of information. Check over it for spelling and stuffa keep it neat, the whole class will be looking at it!

Youall be gathering information and images off the internet, so please include a list of all the websites you actually used in your report on the last page--call it the Resources page. If you donat give credit to those sites, you would be plagiarizing and we certainly donat want to do that! You do not have to cite each bit of information and each picture. Just list the web sources you used on the Resources page, but in no particular order. Remember, Google is a source for resourcesa you canat use it on your Resources page. Wikipedia is a good place to start, but you will need at least three other resources, so four at least.

If you want some help I will be glad to give advice and Iam sending an example report on the African Igbo masqueradea itas merely a suggestion of how I want you to lay it out. Use whatever program you use for the research paragraphs, preferably Word.