Rt is personal and great art is even more personal

Topic: Your aim for this assay is to connect the work(s) of the author (William Shakespeare) to the authors life using various comparison techniques and discussion throughout your paper.
Requirements: at least 6 credible sources to be used within your research essay. Include a proper MLA cited page.
This was part of my research proposal (I am going to send it today, so I dont know how she going to like it), bur paper has to be something like that:
As we all know art is very personal. An artist of any kind tries to deliver a message to people with his work. Usually, artistas personal life is well wrapped inside of his masterpiece. People just have to unwrap it layer by layer to understand what kind of emotions and events are hidden into that work.
I am going to research a life and work of William Shakespeare to find out how great is connection between his life and his poems.
Ill keep you updated on instructors response for my proposal.