Rt Museum and Education: Developing Interpretive Strategies to a Curatorial Brief

In deciding the type of interpretive strategies to be developed students should consider:

i?? The curatorial brief (focus/purpose of exhibition; works included and how they relate to the curatorial premise of the exhibition).
i?? The central mission, focus and constituencies of the selected site.
i?? Who is the intended audience for the exhibition and what is of interest to this constituency (i.e. contemporary cultural, social and political climate)?
i?? Any relevant policy documents and or guidelines informing the needs of specific interest groups (i.e. access policies for learning impaired visitors;syllabus requirements)

Your paper needs to

Provide a rationale for choosing both the target audience and interpretive strategy in terms of the curatorial brief.
include a detailed discussion of the form, content and location of the interpretive strategy/ies
include actual texts and diagrams where appropriate;
be well researched, drawing on course content as well as additional research.

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