Rt Object Review Assignment on Amida Buddha Statue

Art Object Review Assignment

Purpose: To analyze a historical object in word essay for another student who is considering using it in her book about women, war, and wealth.
Audience: A historian who is interested but ignorant of your object.

Think of this assignment as a book review for an artifact. Recall that you always need a thesis for historical writing. For example, you might suggest a reason for what this piece meant to the society that produced it. Remember to include evidence to support your thesis.

FAQs: What are the parts of this review? First, quickly provide a general description of the piece and its relevant data. This should be no more than a short paragraph. Then, in the main section, critically analyze the piece as a historian, organizing your paper around a thesis a?In this paper I argue that . . .a? Finally, conclude with whether your fellow student should include this item in a book s/he is writing on women, war, and wealth.

What does critically analyze mean? Critical analysis takes facts, shows how those facts are related, and draws conclusions based on those facts. Your analysis of the piece may answer some of the following questions, woven into your essay. What was the purpose of the piece? What was the original artistas intention in creating it? What aesthetic quality appeals to you? Why? What does the piece tell us about the society that produced it? Is there an underlying symbolism to the piece? Most importantly, why do you think this piece matters in world history.
Has a thesis that is supported by evidence.
Uses a 12 point font
Has 1 inch margins
Has been spell-checked.
Includes citations to quoted text or information sources.
Is written in an historical essay form, with an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Addresses an art object created between the period prehistory to 1500 C.E.