Rt of Darkness: A Comparative Study between Conrad and Shelley

This order is chapter 3 + the Conclusion of the dissertation which Ive first palced months ago.

Chapter 3:
25 pages inwhich Shelley and Conrad are brought together in comparison in terms of the following:
a their status as novelists.
btheir style and form.
ctheir narrative.
dtheir understanding of the concept of darknesss.

Therefore the chapter should be divided into 4 subtitles i.e. the previously listed above.Mind you the whole project boils down to this chapter as the project is mainly a comparative study; so please give it extra effort.


15 pages. In the conclusion, please sum up everything discussed in this dissertation.

a. what the traditional views of darkness were.
b. how English writers looked at darkness in their works.
c. How Shelley and Conrad took up a different view and approach darkness from a different angle.
d. How similar and different Shelley and Conrad were to each other.

In case extra pages are needed please feel free to add whatever number required.

Imporatnt tips:

1. Please use MHRA referencing system.
2. Please write in British English( English English)