Rt of the steal (Please See Order instructions)

Write a paper on the subject a?Art of the Stealpage No. 113 from book named (the best American nonrequired reading 2011) by Dave Eggers.
1Two paragraphs for the Introduction include the summary.
2Get audience attention
3Give topic information
5Thesis statement (in the end of the Introduction)
The body:
1Each paragraph discusses one idea
2Use signpost words (first, second, third) or (first, next, next, last)
3Use conjunction (in addition, also,)
4Write about what has been written in the thesis only.
5Use Quote (two times)

1Restate thesis
2-main point
4Leave readers thinking (by asking question)

Also the instructor care about the:
*Please make sure its sound look like written by non-native speaker
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