RT PAPER about Media, Materials and Techniques

One of the best ways to experience a work of art is to write about it. The objective for this assignment is to analyze a work of art using the 4 steps of art criticism, emphasizing the media, materials and techniques that artists use. Using the vocabulary and concepts from the book, write a 3-4 page paper on one particular work of art. You should choose one of the works from the review power point slides (see file titled a?Paper #2 Imagesa? under Resources). The paper should be broken down into the following 4 steps of art criticism. The paper is worth 30 points.

1. Description a include artist name, title, subject matter, is the work abstract, representational or non-representational, 2-D or 3-D, fine or applied (5 points)

Media a What media does the artist use? What are the characteristics of that media and the process which was used? How does the media or technique affect the meaning of the work? (10 points)

2. Analysis a What Visual Elements and Principles of Design does the artist emphasize and how? (5 points)

3. Interpretation a What is the Content of the work? (What do you think the work is about) What is the theme of the work? Explain, what is it about the work that leads you to believe this? (5 points)

4. Evaluation (Judgment) a What is your intelligent and informed opinion of the artwork? (5 points)