Rthur Kinoy, Peoples Lawyer Did he Succeed in Combining Law & Conscience?

Arthur Kinoys, Rights on Trialraises a number of questions about the tension between law and conscience. In what ways has Arthur Kinoy succeed (and in what ways failed) in using law as an instrument of conscience? What do his career and views suggest about his understanding of the relationship among law, conscience and the community? How does he deal with the pressures of the profession and of legal institutions to put conscience aside and to ignore or even denigrate some communities?

Compare and contrast Arthur Kinoys personal and professional values his attitudes and approaches to some of the conflicts of which he was a part with those of the lawyers in A Man for All SeasonsBy Robert Bolt and the lawyers in the 1997 movie Amistad”.

What does the comparison tell you about the variety of ways that law can be used? About the effect on individuals, conflicts and society that can result from different approaches to using the law? About the nature of law and the importances of conscience in public life? About different ways of approaching conflicts over conscience or social justice?

All of these questions do not have to be answered they are questions to focus your paper in the right direction, answers to many of these questions throughout the paper would be appreciated. Please use all three works described in the paper. A focused, thoughtful, critical paper with good analysis is more appreciated than just a synopsis. The paper must be well written and well edited. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you.