Rticle 1, Section 8, CommercePower, Paragraphs 3*,4,7,8,10

Term paper on Article 1, Section 8, CommercePowers, Paragraphs 3* 4, 7, 8, 10

Describe its meaning, trace its historical roots, and explain the present-day administrative, social and political impacts of the constitutional provision.

Term paper must use the following outline.
1. Introduction: Give a brief overview describing in plain language what on Article 1 Section 8, commerce powers, Paragraphs 3, 4, 7, 10 are and how to tell the reader about it.

2. Identify when and how Article 1 Section 8 Commerce Powersbecame a part of the constitution . When and hwo will be the Constitutional Convention of 1787.The Bill of Rights was added shortly thereafter in a process that students assigned amendments 1throught X shoud indentify and date.

Next, the full text of the Article 1 Secton 8 Commerce Powers if the Constitution must be given. This should be set off from the rest of the text by identification..

3. The term paper must address how and why the provision got into the Constitution. This means the circumstances and thinking that surrounded the issues addressed provison. The reasoning behind the original elements of the Constitution wee presented, at the time, in the Federalist Paper, writen under assumed name by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and , of all people, John Jay.

The Founding contextsof most amendments to the Constitution (added from 1791 -1992) also go back to initial writing of the Constitution. The admndments, to a large extent, correct what came to be seen as errors or impediments in the original document, many of writing grew out of the difficult compromises made by original drafters of the Constitution.

4. Social, political and economic development. The modern day meaning and application of many Constitution provisions has changed over the years because things happened. In the section you must address how needs and cirscumtances over time have shaped the ways in which Article 1, section 8, Commerce powers, paragraph 3*, 4,7,8,10 and how has been viewed and applied with particular emphasis on the present-day situation.

5. Judicial Developments, administrative practices the modern day meaning and applicaton of most commerce power provision has changed over the years because of court ruling.

6. Meaning for Administrative Practice. Describe how Commercepower has affected administractive practice in public agencies. These impacts include how agencies operate, how government treats citizens, how different branches of the government interact, and how the states relate to the federal government.

7. This section of your paper should briefly reprise key points you have raised, and also speculate briefly on what you think the future holds on CommercePower, impact on public policy making and administration.