Rticle 18: Who needs Superstars? (see attachment)

Prepare a term paper, single-spaced, double-spaced between paragraphs, and conforming to the APA style. English form, style and quality of references are integral to evaluating the overall quality of your paper.

The paper should be divided into four sections:

Select a topic from an article(s) in the Annual Editions text. Supplement the article with professional references from the library and internet. The summary should provide a concise overview of current thought as it relates to the topic. [You might think of the summary as a mini-term paper.]

Apply the topic to your place of work, student or home life. Provide a solid illustration that illustrates the topic of your term paper. You can quote annual reports and other company resources in this section.

What have you learned about the topic and your company or school that helps you to better understand human resource management? What changes need to be made in the practice of your company? What is your company or organization doing that isnt reflected in the literature? What changes in human resource management would help your company or organization survive better in a world of rapid change?