Rticle #2 Research an anilyze an article that pertains my research proposal

Hi,for this assignment you are to find a second article for the same topic (look below).

Does the use of humor in the Spanish language classroom facilitate students better understanding of the acquisition of the foreign language?

Assignment criteria:

Find a second article that pertains the above research topic that I can use in my literature critique (due September 30). Be sure that the research study is recent (within the past 5 years) and also follow the below guideline:
List the article citation using proper APA formatting (e.g., author(s) name, year of publication, title of article, title of journal/periodical, volume number, and page number(s)).

A·What was the main problem being addressed by the study? Was it clearly stated?

A·What was the purpose of the study? Was it clearly stated?

A·What was the hypothesis? If one was stated, was it directional or nondirectional?

A·What type of research method was used in the study?

A·Who were the subjects involved and how was the sample obtained?

A·What were the main results of the study? Summarize the findings. Do you think the conclusions reached by the researcher(s) were valid?

A·Overall, do you think the study made an important contribution to advancing knowledge? Explain

A·Did you notice any flaws in the study?

A·How did this study support or relate to your research project?

A·Check the references at the end of the study. Are there any studies listed that might help you with your research?

I hope this is good and please let me know if you have any questions.