Rticle 2: Robert Shadle and James S. Olson, a?Dying of Breast Cancer in the 1800s

Reading Review Assignment

Carefully read the reader article announced in class for each of the assignments. You will write a critical review of the reader article. Each review is 250 words long. with 3 paragraphs

Thesis (10 pts): This is critical to your entire paper. What was the authoras thesis? What was he or she or they trying to prove? This is not a short summary a this is a one to two sentence statement this is the heart of any historical writing.

Summary (20 pts): Briefly summarize the article. Remember, this is 20 points out of 100 so do not waste any space here. Be brief and concise but accurate.

Review (70 pts): Did the author prove the thesis? If so how? If not, why not? Give specific examples of sources used. What was the authoras bias (remember what we discussed in class the first week)? How significant was that bias? Any serious contradictions or disagreements?

This is a formal writing assignment. Spelling and grammar errors will result in points subtracted from your score. Do not use contractions, slang or texting language.