Rticle about Walmart By using Prahalad & Hamel Materials and strategy.

Answer questions below as a business work. Be clear in idea and use simple buseniss vocabulary. Dont use References please

1Discuss Walmart core competencies and how its develop?
2Discuss the products and the services of Walmart?
3What business Walmart want to be in today and in the future?
4What the perceived customers benefits of going to Walmart?
5Discuss centralization and decentralization in Walmart?
6Discuss outsourcing in Walmart?
7Differentiate between core competencies, core products and end products in Walmart?
8Discuss organizational learning and knowledge sharing in Walmart?
9Discuss i??strategic architecturei?? in Walmart?
10Discuss competitive advantage in Walmart?

I will attach the article about Walmart to answer based on.