Rticle Abstract Assignments-1 (PLEASE DO RIGHT!)

EconS 321 a Economics of Sports Article Abstract Assignments Summer 2012
Objective: For students to critically evaluate journal articles in the field of sports economics focusing on methodology and research questions.
Directions: Students should read each article listed on the syllabus, but abstracts are due for the articles listed in section 3 through section 8. These are intended to make sure you are prepared for class by reading the papers closely. Your critical abstracts should include the following confined to no more than 2 pages:
1) Title and Authors
2) The research question that the author wants to address
3) The method used (empirical, theoretical, or both)
4) Main conclusions they reached
5) What are the important contributions of the paper? What did they
do really well?
6) What are the biggest criticisms of the paper? What did they leave
out? What did they forget? What should they have included in their paper?
Access: The journal citations are listed on the bottom of the syllabus. You are expected to be able to access the libraryas online journal archive to find the article. Weall go over it in class prior to the first assignment, but if you have questions following that, please direct them to the library staff, or come by my office during office hours. For working papers, I will e-A­a?mail you the link to the site or I will e-A­a?mail you a copy if itas not available online.
Notes: You should be particularly critical of all working papers, especially if I am a coauthor. These must be typed and handed in at the beginning of each class. The majority of your weight for each assignment will come from part 6 of the assignment.