Rticle: a?Low-Cost Loans Entice Students More for the Cash Than a Degreea?, WSJ, March 3, 2014. p.A1&4.

It is your responsibility to find the article with the given information. We will not provide you with the online link.

Your response must be no more or less than 590-610 words (12pt font, Times Roman font) on the above article.

Your paper should provide a brief overview of the article in your own words.

The remainder of your paper should provide a critical response. A critical response will include both your positive and negative reactions (your response may have more of one than the other). In addition, your critical response should provide an alternative way of solving the problem presented in the article.

Sources and Citations:
You will use at least 3 suitable American-based or English OUTSIDE references (sources), properly cited within text and at end of paper as a reference listing.
[The article your writing about should be cited, but does not count as one of your 3 sources].
Use MLA formatting to give credit to these sources used to explain your opinion.

Your sources MUST be American-based from the U.S. OR in English (NOT your translated English.)

Be sure to also cite these as in-text citations when they are used throughout your paper
Only ONE internet source is allowed; Wikipedia is not a credible source

Attention will be given not only to content but also to spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

Please refer to the rubric posted on blackboard for more details about how points will be awarded.