Rticle Analysis; Veterans with C0-occurring PTSD and Substance Abuse

This ongoing research assignment if for my BSW (senior year).
This will be an ongoing research paper. I need a writer willing to commit to the next 6 weeks on my chosen research topic Dual Diagnosis and Treatment for our veterans suffering with PTSD and Substance AbuseMy research is to find if prior,current, and future treatment is successful. I am NOT to conduct this research. Only to find material which proves proves/disproves that therapy works (my experience tells ME it does). My job is to back this up with evidence.
The initial phase is an analysis of the attached article Rising to the Challenge of Treating OEF/OIF Veterans with Co-occurring PTSD and Substance Abuse”.
This will be a Power Point Presentation with notes.

The professors instructions are as follows:
select an article of interest (attached) and provide a 15 minute power point presentation regarding an overview of the article/research study to include: research questions, methodology, main findings and/or interesting interventions discussed by the author. Include the strengths and limitations of this study for the article, Include any relevant questions you have about this topic and/or findings from this article. A minimum of 6 questions must be interspersed throughput the presentation. You may include 1 YouTube video clip (not to exceed 2 1/2 mins) to enrich/clarify your understanding of this article.
Remember, this is a research course and proper citations must be maintained throughput the presentation with proper citing of the articles author(s) at the end is required.
Remember also that this is an ongoing research project that will later include a Statement of needand literature review (due May 30), the research proposal (due June 6) a revision with professors notes additional components (due June 13) and the final paper (due June 27).

This initial presentation is on ONLY the article provided at this time.

I will continue to provide the updates, and articles, as this paper continues.