Rticle Analysis with Focus on APA Formatting

Regardless of your major or eventual career, learning how to write about and use other peopleas words and texts appropriately is of utmost importance at the university level. One major task of becoming part of a?the academya? is becoming competent in correct attribution: citing quotes word-for-word, paraphrasing in your own words, and ensuring your citations are accurate, both in-text and at the end in a reference section. One particular style of writing is APA style, the technical formatting of the American Psychological Association. It is the most commonly used method of citation in the sciences and social sciences.

While you will most likely have to cite academic sources in classes outside of first-year composition, such as research articles or studies related to your major, it may help to practice HOW to cite properly when the subject matter is one that is more accessible and (dare I say?) more fun for you to write about. a??

For this writing project, you will choose a feature (full-length) online or print magazine article of ANY topic you desire, provided it is appropriate for class. Cover stories work, too. The only limitations for your choice are that it must come from a reputable news source and that it is long enough to work with. See the following list for optionsa or if you find an article from another location