Rticle Critique (Diagnostic Radiography)

I have an article titled Breast cancer knowledge among women with intellectual disabilities and their experiences of receiving breast mammography.”

The assignment is to review the article and critique it. It is a quantitive research article.

I will upload 4 documents that will need consideration including the article itself, my universities referencing guidelines (harvard ref), the marking criteria for this assignment as well as a document that really explains exactly what needs to be done issued by the university.

I can receive the final piece in any format as I will need to copy and paste it and lay it out in a format similar to my previous assignments and also include certain information in the header etc.

If you need to contact me then please use my mobile number as I may not have access to my email account for the next week or so. I am happy to explain anything that is unclear however all the information I have will be included.


p.s. I need at least 5 references in this article but no more than 10!