Rticle Critique-Intimacy and Communication

Critique of Article and Presentation:

The critique of an article promotes a demonstration of using psychological journals and the evaluation of analysis of basic research skills. The presentation of the critique in the Conferences will aid in your understanding of the topic by answering questions and comments from classmates. Each student will critique an article from a psychological journal on an issue affecting interpersonal relationships. Magazine and newspaper sources are not acceptable. For example, The Journal of Counseling or The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology is acceptable, but Psychology Today is not. An abstract alone is not acceptable. You may choose a topic based on 1 of the 14 chapters from your textbook for the course. Write a 5-7 Page double-spaced essay (12-point font size) using the writing guidelines of the UMUC Guide to Writing and Research (hold control key down and click on this link). In your paper, the following criteria must be included: a) summarize the article, b) critically analyze the authors main points, c) indicate the pros and cons of the article with regard to design, participants, setting, validity, and reliability, and d) make your own recommendations to improve the article. Besides the preceding requirements, your paper will be graded on the following: a) adequate description of the topic, b) the thoughtfulness of your analysis, and c) and the expository clarity and coherence of your paper.

This is for a class on the Psychology of Intimate Relationships

I will attach the chosen article ASAP