Rticle Critique United States Prison System

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Video Lecture: Texas Tough: The Rise of Americaas Prison Empire (Perkinson)

Viewing/Listening Instructions:
Please click on the link below to access the video/audio presentation.

Research academic journals related to the speakeras topic
Activity Instructions
Research a journal article related to the speakeras presentation. This is not a review of the speaker but an article on a subject related to what the speaker presented. The article should be an academic journal article and not a magazine, newspaper or article that is biased in nature. Then write a 2 page critique of the article, answering the following questions:

What was the main theme of the journal
What credentials provided the author to write the article and what research was utilized or what support was presented to establish the authoras view
Discuss one point you agreed with the author
Discuss one point you disagreed with the author
What are the implications of this article to the field of Criminal Justice
In one paragraph summarize the authors main point.